Art Is The Weapon®, which was the podcast about artists who create weaponized art—Art that advocates, motivates, educates, and inspires; art that expands Black consciousness and extends Black culture—is now an eBook that is published by artGriot Publishing and available soon! The eBook format allows us to offer images, as well as new and interactive content in a more engaging format.

Art Is The Weapon discusses African American visual artists, our work, and the permanence and relevance our art should have in major museums and galleries across America and the world! Beyond museums and galleries, where can Black art that provides social commentary, advocates, or ignites activism be discussed? Other than the comedian, actor, filmmaker, or other celebrity who often speaks on behalf of Black society, Art Is The Weapon offers our point of view as visual artists. artGriot is now extending the visual discourse to the ebook format and continues the discussion about what we create and how it uplifts Black consciousness and expands Black culture.

artGriot greatly appreciates all of you who subscribed, downloaded and listened to every episode. We know that many of you are anxiously awaiting the release of part 2 of Thy Hath Turneth My Weapon Against Me, however, you will have to get the eBook to find out the conclusion of the genesis of sambo, how it transitioned to blackface and has been weaponized against us for over 200 years to present.

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Divine Consciousness, From a Dystopian Diaspora to Afrofuturism, takes readers on a journey, from a point in time when the African Diaspora was just beginning, to a time yet to be determined—the future.

For 340 years, Black people were the “Slave-Industrial Complex.” We were subjected to absolute and unspeakable horror, brutality, and oppression with no abatement and for the next 155 years, subjugated by the Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, lynchings, voter disenfranchisement, oppression, police brutality, mass incarceration, injustice, and inequality; executed and maintained by a system of white supremacy. I contend that such experiences and existence are dystopian. I set-forth several analogies to dystopian films and literature, and I provide an in-depth analysis of our experiences and how and why we are in a dystopian state.

As in some dystopian films, mostly science-fiction, there is often a way out, but not always for everyone. But, for this current dystopian reality, Black people desperately need to find a way out. In the book, I discuss several foundational references, namely Afrocentricity and ancestral memories, that are key to our journey out of this dystopia and to Afrofuturism. However, we need first to understand that Afrofuturism is not music, literature, art, or film exclusively. And, neither is it rooted in mysticism or myth or only found in Wakanda. In Divine Consciousness, From a Dystopian Diaspora to Afrofuturism, I will take you B(l)ack to the future, B(l)ack and forward, and share how Afrofuturism is real and attainable. The journey to Afrofuturism, however, requires self-affirmation, self-actualization, and self-determination. It also requires a transformation and elevation of Black collective consciousness. Then and only then, will you ascend to a divine consciousness—if you choose.

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